Our caretakers are committed to performing their duties as you expect us to do and create a sense of security in you and over time you will get your satisfaction from us and our carers and, if you wish, you will be able to satisfy yourself. Tell your guardian. The best person who can make us progress is because you will help us with your comments and suggestions. We are an institution that is accepted and reliable to provide our services at home, we can meet your demands and we are pleased to provide you with more information about ourselves, our staff and our services 24 hours a day.
Round-the-clock service, 24-hour response:
Nursing and care of the elderly in order to promote their dynamism and rejuvenation are the goals of the Clinical Services Center at home, licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In this regard, the First Health Center provides its services 24 hours a day and during holidays, so that the vacuum left for citizens (obviously, all service phases, such as nursing services for children Elderly Nursing, Patient Nursing and Other Services - Fever Other Services - Dear Guests, Holidays are available 24 hours a day.
First Health Medical Center Points:
Dispatched caregivers and trained specialists according to the elderly or the child
Setting up a contract by a central dispatch expert at your home
Continuous satisfaction by supervisory and inspection experts
Get advice and guidance from you and introduce the person you are looking for
A periodic visit by a specialist specialist from the home and the client's individual
Providing 24/7 bed and breakfast services in the hospital and at home, and 24-hour accountability even for holidays.
By providing these services, we will be glad to have the families and the elderly and their children enjoy comfort and health throughout the year.

Advantages of cooperation with the first health center from the outsourcing experts point of view:

Lack of cost to file
Lack of cost and no amount to send to work
No deduction from the salary of dispatched individuals
Free public and specialized training for all deployment forces after initial evaluation
Organizing child and elderly nursing classes and awarding technical and vocational degrees
Obtaining consent and good work done for colleagues
Follow up and respond to employees 24 hours a day in the shortest time

 The mentioned items were collected from a total of 2000 questionnaires distributed among the external health experts of the first health center, and with certainty more than 95% of the accuracy of the performance of the section of the absorption of the first health center, and we also proudly state that the most valuable Our assets are human resources at the First Nursing Center.

Services available:
Nurse of the child
Elderly nurse
Patient nurse
Nursing at home
 Elderly nurse at home
Nurse at home
Patient nurse at home
Nursing, care and maintenance of baby and baby at home
Nursing, care and maintenance of the elderly at home
Nursing, patient care and care at home
Other, go to the Center Services tab
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Elderly nurse
With the increase in the general age of the community and the urgent need for nursing and keeping the elderly at home

The Nursing Center at Home Health Home uses the most effective methods and approaches with having

A unique database of elderly nurses can provide high-quality dignity in this regard.

We have recently seen that many unauthorized companies are providing nursing and care services.

That this led us to give our dearest friends a serious warning in this regard.

An elderly nursing at home is a job with a defined methodology that requires special training.

The characteristics of the elderly nurse

Related education

Experience and tacit knowledge

Specialized training

Job Guarantee Certificates to Service Centers