About us

License Type: Operating License No .: 3-110603 Date of Issue: 1395-12-16 Date of Reputation: 1400-12-15
Name of the institution: First Health Type of institution: Center for the provision of clinical care and services at home Changing: Day and night Property Status: Private Private
Name of University: Iran University of Medical Sciences Name of the Network: Chancellery of Treatment - University of Iran Name of the province: Tehran Name of the city: Tehran
Address: Saadat Abad - West Cedar Street - West Cedar Field - Between Paknejad Blvd and Counseling Square - Bakhsayesh Avenue - Sarv Medical Faculty - 4th Floor - Unit 10

We are the accepted and trusted center for providing home care services, we can meet your demands.

 We are pleased to provide you with more information about ourselves, our staff and our services 24 hours a day.

If you ask us, we will come to your house. We will meet your elderly or your child and we will examine your needs so that, according to your wishes, we will introduce a caregiver that is appropriate to your circumstances.

Our claim is that we have a different look and feel for the elderly and the elderly. We believe that special elderly planning should be made, and elderly and old people should be seen from all angles and facets. We seek to improve their quality of life for these loved ones, in addition to their physical and mental health.

Establishing a special planning unit for providing welfare services for the elderly in this center suggests this different view and our effort to create a culture of movement towards improving the living standards of the elderly.

The presence of the elderly as the most dearest and most affluent of a family at home is a source of encouragement and happiness for all the family members. "First Health" tries to design effective programs for caring and welfare programs in order to improve the quality of life of the elderly. In this regard, sending trained nurses and carers can create a sense of calm and satisfaction in the elderly and the family.

- The child's presence in the home environment and the use of personal toys will make him more relaxed.

The best person who can make you progress is because you will help us with your comments and suggestions.

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