Care for the elderly at home

With regard to the aging population growth in Iran, the social, welfare and care needs of the elderly are increasing day by day and one of these needs is the care of the elderly, which should be done properly.

Caring for the elderly at home is done by the health care center's first health center daily, nightly, day and night (period), which includes the following tasks for the elderly caregiver at home:

1- Care and maintenance of the elderly

2- Follow-up treatment and medication in all work hours

3- Preparing food and giving food

4- Addressing elderly welfare and elderly tourism (with written permission of family)

5- Addressing the interests of the elderly at leisure (reviewing memories - reading the book - solving the table and ...)

6- Accompany the elderly outside

7- Consideration of elderly administrative and financial affairs (with written permission of family)

8- Elderly cleaning and bathing

9- Elderly care cleaning

Firstly, healthcare is provided by carers who specialize in the care of the elderly and use them and send them to the homes of parents and guardians in accordance with your social and cultural conditions and will provide you with comfort and satisfaction.

Among the benefits of proper care of the elderly by health first:

1- Pass the aging period with pleasure and satisfaction in your home and your family

2- The comfort of the elderly family and the lack of concern for the pursuit of the care and treatment of their parents

3- Establishing a greater relationship between children and their parents by eliminating the care and physical health of the elderly and addressing their emotional needs.

4- Losing the sense of exaltation of the elderly towards their children


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