Since the first seven years of a person's life and the behavior of people who interact with the child in this age range, it is important that your child's nurse is educated and familiar with the affairs of child-rearing for education, training and maintenance.

The first medical center provides child care services to educated peddlers in psychology, education, counseling, and more.

Services provided by trained nurses:

1-Teaching your second language to your child

2. Painting, Harding and Music, and ...

3- Conduct intellectual and educational games at leisure

4- Addressing the affairs and duties of children


5- Performing sports activities and ...

First child health care providers will keep your child as if your sister is your child, and in this regard, you will be offered some suggestions to improve the educational process, creativity, and so on.

Keep twins and twins

Child care services include twin and multi-child care, with our experienced children working in this area, helping parents and caring for babies.

There is an identification of the services mentioned in our gallery which you can view and even announce your opinion (link)

-You can choose among your carers which of your dear ones (link).

-You can see the satisfaction of the families who have been subscribed to the first health care and you will also be able to declare their satisfaction from the center.

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